Last Friday SEPIE (the Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education) announced that our project,  “We are European, We are Equal” is one of the selected Erasmus+ projects for 2018!

We are delighted to have been granted funding of over €120.000 by the EU Commission! The project partners – IES Guadalquivir in Spain, D’Alessandro Vocino in Italy, 3rd Gymnasium of Naoussa in Greece and Furness Academy in the UK – have planned a project that is geared towards social inclusion in deprived areas and tackling rising levels of early school leaving. 

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Spanish school IES Guadalquivir is celebrating International Romani Day

On 8th April, Spanish schools are joining the Romani Foundation (Fundacion Secretariado Gitano) Campaign “Staring From Scratch” (#PartirDeCero) to raise awareness and fight against the disadvantages that many Romani people are facing in their daily lives, ones which make their attempts of social inclusion very difficult

As well, alongside the Spanish Romani Women Association (Kamira), a manifesto was read proposing solutions to the challenges faced by many Romani women and others this year.

Finally, both NGOs are working with the school on a multidisciplinary Unit of Work to integrate this issue into the curriculum.

Τhe World Day of Religious Tolerance by 3rd Gymnasium of Naoussa / Greece

In view of the celebration of the World Day of Religious Tolerance on 24th of January, a group of our students made a profound conversation concerning religious freedom and prejudices aimed towards different religious beliefs or dogmas.


Our students traced the consequences of religious fanaticism (ex. violence, war, terrorism…), searched for the beginnings of religious tolerance and fathomed the significance of mutual understanding between people of different religions and doctrines.

In order to spread the message of tolerance between different religious beliefs, they asked their schoolmates to express the concept of religious tolerance in any creative way. So, several kids participated in dramatized dialogues among people of different religions, they expressed the need for coexistence of different religions through painting and they created digital presentations relative to the issue of religious tolerance.

Some specimens of their work and action are presented below:


to watch the students’ presentation click on the picture below