Erasmus + Teachers Workshop in Spain

Last Thursday, our Spanish school took part  in a vocational teacher workshop in which they shared their “good practices” with many other schools in the region in relation to the inclusion of the vocational training of pupils. This is a significant part of our Erasmus + project.

Entrepreneurship Fair in Spain

Teachers training focused on entrepreneruship key competence during our short-term joint staff training event in Naoussa, Greece. As a result, Spanish pupils took part in their local “Entrepreneurship Fair” where they presented their work inspired by our Erasmus + project.

Project Dissemination at 3rd Gimnasio of Naoussa

The coordinator of the 3rd Gymnasio of Naoussa have presented our Erasmus+ project “We are European, We are Equal” to the other schools of the region in the event of  school year ending in the town Veria. There were, also, another presentation for the pupils, teachers and parents in our school.

The presentation in Veria

Spanish pupils research on Immigration

Research on immigration in the EU, Spanish pupils raise awareness about the difficulties that some of their migrant classmates had to go through. In the following video they focused on unaccompanied Moroccan minors who speak openly about the realities of immigration.

Furthermore, Lola Zarza, a teacher of Spanish speaks about her experience of working in the EU and the importance of being tolerant to immigrants.

Researching about Immigration in preparation for World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day

In D’Alessandro-Vocino School there are some immigrants coming from Morocco, Romania, Albania, Ukraine, but there is also a teacher who lived many years in Belgium as an immigrant. In order to celebrate the World Refugee Day, the students have asked a Moroccan student and the teacher to tell their stories. Here is the interview to Otman, a very shy boy, who has came to Italy with his family 5 years ago.


And here is the story of Debora, the French teacher in our school.

Celebrating International Day of LGBTQ Pride in Italy

On the 17th May 2019  Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado “D’Alessandro-Vocino” celebrated the International Day of LGBTQ Pride with students of the third year. The goal of this celebration was to raise awareness and be tolerant with people who have different sexual orientations and identities.

The event started with the vision of the Italian film “The father of the brides”. This is the story of Riccardo, an Apulian farmer with solid moral principles, who is in Spain as a taster for an international olive oil competition. After his work, before returning to his homeland he deci​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​des to visit his daughter Aurora, who to his immense sorrow has left her homeland and has long lived in Barcelona. When he arrives at the girl’s house, he meets her ro​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ommates: Rosario, a separated woman, and her daughter. But behind the apparent “normality” of this cohabitation, there is a secret that could be fatal for the “healthy principles” of dad Riccardo: Aurora and Rosaria not only have a relatio​​​​​​​nship, but they have even married. Riccardo is shocked and returns to Puglia. Later on Aurora, her wife and the child escape from Barcelona, threatened by Rosario’s ex-husband and ask Riccardo for his protection. In a short time, Aurora and Rosario gain the sympathy of the whole town despite the difficulty of dealing with a father full of prejudices. Suddenly, due to the ex-husband of Rosa​​​​​​​​​​​​​​rio who stabs Aurora, the whole town learns with bewilderment of her homosexuality. In the end Riccardo, after having seen his daughter dying, asks for the presence of Rosario at his side, realizing that love can really have a thousand colours but the feeling that animates hearts is always the same.​​​​​​​

After the film vision, students took a discussion about the message of the film against social prejudice about sexual “diversity”, then they did some researches about this International Day and this is what they have learned: the first International Day against Homophobia took place on May 17th  2004, 14 years after the decision (May 17th 1990) to remove homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses in the international classification of diseases published by “World Health Organization”.

In 2007, following some statements by Polish authorities against the LGBT community, the European Union officially established the Day against homophobia on its territory. Here are some extracts of the approved text:  “The European Parliament […] reiterates its call to all Member States to propose laws that overcome discrimination suffered by same-sex couples and asks the Commission to present proposals to ensure that the principle of mutual recognition is also applied in this sector in order to guarantee freedom of movement for all people in the European Union without discrimination;

(Article 8) “[…] condemns the discriminatory comments made by political and religious leaders towards homosexuals, as they fuel hatred and violence, even if withdrawn at a later time, and asks the hierarchies of the respective organizations to condemn them

Then students found some articles about episodes of sexual discrimination in Italy

Celebrating Europe Day in Italy!

Today, with a few days delay, students of Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado “D’Alessandro-Vocino” have celebrated the Europe Day with a Gymkhana shared with students from IES Guadalquivir of Cordoba and 3rd Gymnasio of Naoussa. Italian students, divided into teams, have enjoyed discovering facts about Europe, traditional dishes of European Countries, national dances and songs.

Students have fulfilled all the tasks in order to gain the stars they had to fix on the flags, but the most amazing tasks have been the sport activities with spoons and balls, which were carried out in the corridor of the school, instead of in the open air of the school yard, due to bad weather conditions in a rainy day. Bad weather hasn’t stopped the enthusiasm of the students shown for the Erasmus activities.

Celebrating Europe Day in Spain!

Embracing Europe and celebrating Europe Day across Greece, Italy and Spain!

We have also celebrated eTwinning Day “#etw4democracy” continuing our work on this fascinating project “We are European, We are Equal”.

Pupils also took part in an inclusive gymkhana:

Finally, pupils took part in an Escape Room about Europe. An innovative and fun way to learn about the EU and a transferable resource for schools: