International Day of persons with Disability

We celebrated the international Day of persons with Disability by participating in various awareness – raising acfirities planned and organized by the special Vocational Education and Training Institute of Naoussa.

The aim of the acfirities was to increase students’  understanding of disability issues and develop their empathy with people with disabilities.

All the students of our school took part in them.

Wheelchair Basketball :


International Migrants Day

International Migrants Day is observed on 18 December and recognizes the efforts, contributions and rights of migrants worldwide.
As immigration is one of our project themes, pupils will participate in several activities to raise awareness on migrants and refugees.


Over 70 million people in the EU live with some kind of disability. People with disabilities often face barriers that make harder for them to fully participate in society on an equal basis.

The 3rd of Decemeber is recognised as the International Day of Persons With Disabilities (IDPWD) and it’s really important to raise pupils awareness on this issue.

Disability is one of our project themes that we have worked collaboratively with Italian and Greek pupils using a Twinboard. We have also invite a local NGO with an inspiring person who is an example of resilience. This year AESLEME’s representative talked about how he became disabled due to a traffic accident. His heart-felt story about the changes in his day-to-day life really touched pupils.



The celebration of the Disability Day at ICS “D’Alessandro-Vocino” has taken place on the 3rd of December 2019 with a conference of Ms Filomena Navarro, former Councillor of the Italian Blind Union Association which is member of the European Blind Union and the World Blind Union. She has talked about her life as a blind, telling that she lost her sight because of an accident when she was 7 years old, then she had to learn to be autonomous and to use the Braille alphabet. This has helped her to find refuge in culture and each time she felt sad she used to read a book. A blind person develops the senses of touch and hearing, but technology has greatly improved her life thanks to braille computers and  mobile phones with voice recognition. Filomena has explained that to write braille by hand, you need an awl, a tablet and special thick paper sheets. She has also shown students how to write in Braille alphabet and finally the students have asked some questions to find more about her feelings and experience. Filomena has also stated the importance of the Italian association called “La lega del filo d’oro” that takes care of blind deaf people.



1.The aim of this competition is to raise awareness on migrants and refugees. Every 2 seconds a person suffers violence as a result of a conflict. Most of the refugees and migrants carry a little luggage. We want our pupils to empathy with the difficulties that a person experiences being forced out of his/her country.

2.Competition theme is “Things that don’t fit in a suitcase” following UNHCR campaign. Greek students can also enter their national UNHCR contest.

3.All pupils participating in the “We are European, We are Equal” Erasmus + project are encouraged to take part.

4.Entries can be individual or in groups. Pupils are  also encouraged to work on mixed international groups using a collaborative tool such as Twinboard on Twinspace.

5.All entries must include original material. Entries can be the form of: Essays, posters, sketches and collages.

6.All entries will received a certificate.

7.The competition winner will receive a book with famous paintings and a drawing set.

8.Entries deadline is Monday 16th December 2019.

IMMIGRATION Things that don’t fit in a suitcase poster.pdf

Thank you to Martha Karvounidou for designing this poster:

Gender Equality

Gender Equality is one of our eTwinning-Erasmus + project key thems. Spanish pupils were supporting their local network “Red de Igualdad Distrito Sur” and the NGO “Women in Conflict Zone (MZC)” to raise awareness and say NO and STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN using this year’s themes “Orange the world” and “Generation Equality”.

eSafety Workshop for Spanish Pupils

Although eTwinning is a safe platform, Spanish first year pupils attended a workshop on eSafety to be more aware and better equipped against online bullying, publication of images and social media. The workshop was delivered by the local NGO “Asociación Hogar Mariposas” specialized in prevention and dealing with addictions in the digital world.

Disseminating local Erasmus + projects

Last Friday pupils and teachers from IES Guadalquivir took part in the first Erasmus + pupils joint event in Cordoba, Spain.

Held at our local Europe Direct Office and using cooperative groups, pupils exchanged information about their projects, met pupils from other schools and participated in a round table.

Local education authorities were there supporting the event.


A local radio station was also streaming live and interviewing coordinators from the different schools.

A succesful good practices exchange with excellent outputs and results:

A fantastic opportunity for our eTwinning-Erasmus + project to be shared

at local level. Very thankful with all the participants who made the event possible!