International Migrants Day in Italy

On the 18th of December, students at D’Alessandro – Vocino school gathered to celebrate the International Day of Immigration. They saw the film “Terraferma”.

On the island of Linosa, some fishermen are punished for having saved some immigrants who arrived illegally by sea in Italy. The young Filippo doesn’t want to remain still before an emergency of such proportions and decides to help a mother, his son and a new-born to escape, careless of the danger to which he exposes himself.



After the film they took part in the debate about immigration and asked questions to their foreign schoolmates about their experience and hard life to get to Italy and all the problems and sacrifices they had to face in a new country. All of the foreign students told about how they have well integrated and their projects for the future. They hope, one day, to go back to their roots but with better life conditions.


Sharing Erasmus + – eTwinning Magic On-site Event

Yesterday we celebrated our first on-site event at IES Guadalquivir secondary school in Spain. There were two parts of the event:

The first one was focused on disseminating our eTwinning and Erasmus + projects within our school community. Thus, we welcomed mothers, members of the Parents Association with the following short presentation:

Then they watched a video explaining the different European projects in the school:

After that, they played a fun Kahoot with prizes!

Then parents enjoyed a healthy breakfast to continue with the second part of the event:

This part of the event was focused on cultural exchanges through dance to raise awareness on immigration:

On the one hand, we took the opportunity to acknowledge pupils achievements with an Award Ceremony:

Then first-year pupils performed some live Flamenco singing:

On the other hand, we continued with key messages from representatives of local and regional NGOs:

The event continued with an amazing performance from 14 children from the NGO Nana. They danced to represent their difficult journey to Spain:

Then we did a cultural exchange thanks to our Head of PE, Azahara Blanco’s coreographies in which everyobody danced:

The whole event was brodcasted by Quino Ceular from the local radio station Quino Ceular from Intimidad radio:

You can some interviews in Spanish below:

About the organization of the event:éos%20y%20la%20inmigración%2018-12-2019.mp3?dl=0

To the Dance Director Natalia Diaz:ón%20Nana%2019-12-2019.mp3?dl=0

You can watch a summary-video of the event:

The event even was even echoed by the local press:

EuropeanEqual International Stand Up to Bullying Day 

In November, the Erasmus Team of Naoussa worked for the International Day against discriminations due to sex and/or sexual orientation. Through a common paper, the team shared information and knowledge on the subject, was sensitized and came to conclusions and future behaviours appropriate for people that respect equality and defend the right to being different. Several ideas were developped on how to communicate the subject to the rest of the students, such as through posters, video-comics etc


Annual Erasmus + Dissemination Workshop

Last Wednesday, SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internasionalisation of Education) celebrated its annual Erasmus + Dissemination Workshop.

More than 1,000 teachers from all over Spain took part in the event.

The programme included training related to Higher Education, Innovation, Impact, Employability and Success.

It also included schools who shared their good practice in a round table and a ceremony to give Quality recognitions to awarded schools.

Many significant personalities contributed to the event such as SEPIE’s President and General Director, and the Spanish Secretary for Innovation from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

The event finished with an outstanding performance from the Erasmus + project “Erasmus Scene”.