Productive First Project Working Day in Spain!

The day started with the official welcoming by the Spanish local education councillor Andres Pino in one of the rooms at the monument “Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos“:

We then went to visit the Spanish secondary school IES Guadalquivir and met all pupils and teachers:

Cristina Carmona from the local Europe Direct Office delivered a workshop on available services by this office:

Pupils also interviewed NGO representatives from the Spanish Romani Foundation, Women in Conflict Zone and Don Bosco:

All the activities were broadcasted by the local radio station “Intimidad Radio”  and pupils from Italy and Greece were also interviewed:

Certificates for our logo competition were given by the Spanish Principal and Coordinators and followed by a meal offered by the Parents Association:


The afternoon continued with Socio-Emotional Learning Ice-breakers:

Followed by a very productive working session in which pupils:

-share information about the project seven themes

-completed a collaborative wall with all the conclusions

-created posters related to the project

-and took part in a round table

A cultural exchange followed the hard work session. Italian pupils gave “tambourines” to their team mates and Spanish pupils offered project school bags in return:

Greek pupils afterwards performed a “Syrtaki“and Italian pupils a “Tarandella


The day finished with the beginning of many friendships:



Pupils have arrived for their #Equal in Spain exchange!

Last night after an 18 hour journey 12 pupils from 3rd Gymnasio of Naoussa in Greece and 14 pupils from D’Alessandro Vocino in Italy, each group accompanied by 4 teachers arrived to Cordoba train station in Spain.

Pupils will be staying at Inturjoven hostel at the very heart of Cordoba city centre and will be enjoying a complete working programme of activities.


Short-term Joint Staff Training Event in Spain

On Monday 23rdof October we had the great pleasure to finally meet our Italian and Greek partners in Cordoba, Spain (4 teachers from each school!). The day of their arrival, we collected them from the train station and took them to the very heart of the city centre where they stayed for 4 days.

The next day our partners enjoyed an official welcome from our local Education representative “Andres Pino” at the city hall, showing the great support offered by the local authorities to our project.

Following this, our partners walked to our local Europe Direct Office where they met the staff and found out about the services that the office offers in their local city. Guided by “Animatriz,” a local actress who played a range of characters such as Columbus, they discovered the history of the building where the offices are located.

Following this visit, we went to Sector Sur, the area where our school is located. The teachers had the chance to understand first-hand the context of social disadvantage that our pupils and their families face.

There the teachers had a meeting with representatives from the various NGOs in the area, such as the Romani Foundation, Kmaira (Romani Women Association), Women in Conflict zone, and our social worker in IES Guadalquivir. During this meeting, they learned about the projects that take place in the area, the role and involvement of the school with each NGO, and their success stories so far.

All teachers then took a tour of the school, meeting all the staff and pupils and causing quite a commotion when pupils realised that they were there! The teachers met the pupils and answered questions from pupils excited by the project.

Following the excitement, the Erasmus+ project team had a very productive meeting in which several aspects of the project were discussed, such us: planning the next mobility with pupils; reassessing the responsibilities of each partner school and dissemination plan; setting up an assessment tool to be used after each mobility; and evaluating the progress with our collaborative e-Twinning project and results.

It was then lunch time and food was served by families helped by the local cookery school. The atmosphere was fantastic, and it was a great opportunity to empower other stakeholders and celebrate them as an extremely important part of the project.

We then had a very busy evening with our staff training session focused on “Key Competences”. We started the session with a flipped classroom approach in which teachers had to work in groups answer key questions. We then were able to produce a collaborative presentation using Genially to use in each partner school to introduce the key competences at a European Level to staff. We finished with an infographic for teachers planning a PBL (Project Based Learning). Three competences were at the core of this training session – social and learning, mathematical and digital competence. Furthermore, we created a document for sharing all the resources that we are creating which can be useful for anyone wanting to learn about key competences. This open access ethos is essential for the project. Finally, after a long hard training session, we walked over the Roman Bridge to go back to the hostel.


On our second day, as it was a local bank holiday, we enjoyed various cultural activities with visits to local monuments and sight-seeing. We visited Madit-al-Zahara, the Alcazar, and the Mosque. Such trips are also hugely important as they enhance our shared European Cultural Heritage. Then in the evening, the teachers enjoyed a live Flamenco singing and dancing session.

On the third day, we visited Seville, where once again they could see the capital of the Southern region of Spain to appreciate the cultural impact of the 1992 world exhibition.

Friday 26thof October was the last day of the mobility trip for the teachers. Teachers were given a certificate by our Principal and after spending time to reflect upon the experience and sharing memories of the trip, we all said goodbye until we meet again in the last week of November when pupils will make their visit to Cordoba.

Overall, the first mobility trip of the “We are European, We are Equal” project was extremely productive, very enjoyable, and no doubt indicative of the many more positive experiences to come!

IES Guadalquivir honours the Elderly in Spain

IES Guadalquivir in Spain honours the Elderly organising a wide range of activities around this theme.

Apart from the photo exhibition “Queens of the South” we invited 3 female speakers to talk about their lives and their experiences.

Furthermore in foreign languages pupils described their grandparents and in the Vocational Training Course they spoke about their grandparents’ jobs.


Finally, in PE they played traditional sport games:

Having a local media coverage of all these events! vía @cordoba