Meeting with families in Spain in preparation for the pupils exchange to Naoussa

Meeting families in Spain in preparation for the Pupils short-term exchange to Naoussa in Greece as part of our KA229 Erasmus + project.

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Learning about Gender Equality, one of our Erasmus + project themes across Greece, Italy and Spain, by using an interdisciplinary Project Based Learning (PBL) methosology


On March 8th ,the third classes of D’Alessandro – Vocino school celebrated the Women’s Day.

Students and teachers met in the music room decorated with mimosa flowers and after a short presentation about this international event, students discussed about equality and the importance to respect all women.

Then they explained the poster they have made about some famous Italian women: Rita Levi-Montalcini ( a scientist ), Oriana Fallaci ( a writer and a journalist ), Maria Montessori (a pedagogist), Anna Magnani ( an actress), Ilaria Alpi ( a journalist ), Lina Merlin ( a politician ) and Federica Pellegrini ( a swimmer ), Fiorella Mannoia (a singer).

Later, students and teachers sang a song about women and the respect and love they need.

At the end, everyone wrote messages on this important event and put them under a tree, that was in the middle of the room, as a symbol against violence towards women, then all the participants ate a delicious cake that is used to be made on this day in the shape of mimosa flower.


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Celebration of the school Day of Non-Violence and Peace in Spain


 Peace and tolerance are key values in our Erasmus+ Project “We are European, We are Equal.” They have particular importance at IES Guadalquivir in Spain as we work hard with pupils to help them resolve conflicts in their day-to-day lives. Learning to manage emotions and respecting the backgrounds and beliefs of other pupils are core values we try to instil in our pupils. For this reason, the celebration of the “School Day of Non-Violence and Peace” was chosen as a key international day by all the project partners who face similar challenges.

On Wednesday 30th of January we started the celebrations by reading a collaborative Peace manifesto written by pupils from Greece, Italy and Spain. This manifesto highlighted the origins of the European Union and the peace we take for granted in our continent.

Building on this, pupils completing their vocational course in our school prepared a board using textile material to symbolize peace. Furthermore, some pupils created art work based on the peace symbol. We even took part in a Peace race in which one of our pupils won the first place.





On Thursday 31st of January, we held 3 different workshops offered by the local Town Hall and delivered by different local NGOs in relation to peace. The first one focused on cooperative games designed for first year pupils and delivered by the Barbiana Association. The second workshop, delivered to second year pupils by InterRed, introduced the idea of using games to bring people from different communities together. The third workshop explored conflict resolution delivered by ACPP to third and fourth years. The week ended with pupils writing letters with peace wishes to their school mates.











All these activities involved a whole school approach, raised awareness on the importance of Peace in Europe, and contributed to the growing sense of communal respect and tolerance in school. This celebration, held in the three partner schools, received very positive feedback from all participants and proved to be a key activity in our project.