Thursday 30th January 2020

We had to stand up early in the morning in order to visit the Abbey of Pulsano. The Abbey of Pulsano is a Catholic sanctuary on Mount Gargano. A monk gave us information about the church which has Byzantine influences. Orthodox and Catholic hermits lived in the past in the caves on the mountain. This historic site and its environs are protected by the Parco Nazionale del Gargano.


Then we visited the city of Monte Sant’Angelo and its Sanctuary dedicated to Archangel Michael. It is considered one of the most important places for Christianity. The unique basilica is on the top of the mountain, consisting of a complex of buildings of various ages around the natural cave, shows 15  centuries of history.


In the end we visited Padre Pio Pilgrimage church in the city of San Giovanni Rotondo.  The church is a sacred building with ample open space for the public. The project was based on two fundamental principles: the use of a single type of stone as a symbol of oneness with its surroundings, and the idea of the church as a home open to all. It holds 7,000 pilgrims. The architect is Renzo Piano. We also toured the hospital museum. The hospital was built by Padre Pio’s efforts.