D’Alessandro-Vocino School celebrates the Remembrance Day

Maria Montemitro

On Monday 27th January 2020, D’Alessandro-Vocino school loudly stated that “indifference is heavier than violence” in a history workshop that saw the students of some classes gathered around the most representative symbols of Judaism .

A barbed wire placed on a scarlet Jewish cloth recalled the unprecedented violence of those who believe they own the world; a small menorah, a seven-branched candelabrum, symbol of creation, perpetually lit in the temple in Jerusalem, reminded the kids of each man’s duty to be light for himself and for others; a grain of salt, that everybody put in his mouth, recalled the suffering of those days in the concentration camps suffered by millions of people.

The kids, captured by the force of the symbols used, participated in silence, listening to the story of an evil that unfortunately repeats itself, even if with different names, in the history of humanity. After listening to Psalm 22 in the Hebrew language, the workshop ends with students placing a personal signature on a billboard that showed the words “Indifference is heavier than violence … but I am here”. Every student thus admitted to know what man is capable of doing and for this reason he committed himself to be in the world and build peace.