Refugee Day at 3rd Gimnasio of Naoussa

The pupils of the 3rd Gymnasio of Naoussa took part in a variety of activities and events commemorating the 100 years since the genocide of the Greek people of Efxinos Pontos (the Black Sea).


On 19 May – day selected by the Greek parliament to commemorate the tragedy – the pupils watched a documentary at Efxinos Club of Naoussa. The documentary was about a music band in the city of kerassounda (GIresun). Only one of the members of the band managed to survive, took refuge in Greece and gave an account of the hardships and suffering they experienced.


On 23 May, all the pupils of our school attended a presentation about the genocide prepared by Mrs. Savvatopoulou and watched the documentary “1922 The Greek Genocide” by National Geographic.


The pupils of Erasmus team are working on the translation and English subtitles of a documentary created by pupils of previous years, with the title “I lost my country. WHY?”.  Once it is ready we will share it with our partners.