Project Closure Event

On the 18th June the three schools had a videoconference to celebrate the end of the year. All participants, students and teachers, introduced themselves, expressed their feelings about this project and described their best memories of the mobilities and activities. Then they enjoyed playing a game on Kahoot with interesting facts about the three nations of the project. At the end all the participants talked about their future plans.

Young journalists

Marianna and Petros from the 3rd Gymnasio of Naoussa have written articles about some activities of our program in the newspaper of the 8th Kindergarten of Naoussa. Marianna has referred to the Day of Immigrants/Refugees. Peter has written about “Disarming Box Project”. Working with very young journalists has been an interesting experience.

The newspaper

Motivating students

Students’ motivation in distance education is important. A questionnaire is a good way to find out what their preferences for e-learning are. I have tried it in 3rd Gymnasio of Naoussa.

35% of the students have participated.

58,6% of the students have chosen the quizzes.

Only one student has chosen all the possible ways.

So, let’s quiz! I’ll use kahoot, socrative, quizzes of schoolnet e-class or quizlet.