Our contribution to the German “Disarming Box Project” turns into a magnificent sculpture in Nüremberg

Last year pupils from D’Alessandro Vocino in Italy and IES Guadalquivir in Spain collected violent toys and send them to Nüremberg in Germany. Earlier this year 3rd Gimnasio of Naoussa also collected plastic guns and other violent toys in order to contribute to this project. A few artists have turned all the collected toys into a magnificent sculpture symbolising peace in Europe and the role of education to promote it as a core value.

Things that don’t fit in a suitcase campaign

Students of the 3rd grade of the 3rd Naoussa’s High School, as part of the Social and Political Education course, were informed by her teacher Athina Peiou about the 23rd Student Competition of Student Creation taking place in the school year 2019-2020 under the title “Things that don’t fit in a Suitcase”. The competition is launched by the UNHCR in collaboration with the Youth Awareness Committee, an institution launched in 1994.

The students were informed about the work of UNHCR and the purpose of the Competition. The children have seen photographs and read stories of refugees in various parts of the world. Stories of ordinary everyday people and famous people who shone with their presence on the world stage and changed the course of the world and history.

They showed great interest in the subject and many students were interested in participating in the Competition. Whatever the outcome, the children benefited from their participation in the project as they realized that needs, emotions and talents were common to all people. What is sometimes missing is the right living conditions for these people. But when they are found, everyone wins. Not just the host countries but the whole world.

International Migrants and Refugees Day at 3rd Gymnasio of Naoussa

Students and teachers of our school’s Erasmus + program “We are European, We are Equal” on December 18, International Migrant Day / Refugee organized a school event for refugee students studying in our city and in particular at the 1st Lappeion Gymnasium.

Ice breakers

Collaborative workshop

Some creations with the names in Greek , English and Dari languages.

Learning a traditional dance and dancing all together in a big circle.

Buffet and gifts at the end

Marianna has written an article about this activity for the newspaper of the 8th Kindergarten of Naoussa.