Gender Equality

Gender Equality is one of our eTwinning-Erasmus + project key thems. Spanish pupils were supporting their local network “Red de Igualdad Distrito Sur” and the NGO “Women in Conflict Zone (MZC)” to raise awareness and say NO and STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN using this year’s themes “Orange the world” and “Generation Equality”.

eSafety Workshop for Spanish Pupils

Although eTwinning is a safe platform, Spanish first year pupils attended a workshop on eSafety to be more aware and better equipped against online bullying, publication of images and social media. The workshop was delivered by the local NGO “Asociación Hogar Mariposas” specialized in prevention and dealing with addictions in the digital world.

Disseminating local Erasmus + projects

Last Friday pupils and teachers from IES Guadalquivir took part in the first Erasmus + pupils joint event in Cordoba, Spain.

Held at our local Europe Direct Office and using cooperative groups, pupils exchanged information about their projects, met pupils from other schools and participated in a round table.

Local education authorities were there supporting the event.


A local radio station was also streaming live and interviewing coordinators from the different schools.

A succesful good practices exchange with excellent outputs and results:

A fantastic opportunity for our eTwinning-Erasmus + project to be shared

at local level. Very thankful with all the participants who made the event possible!

Raising Awareness about Sexual Identity

During last month third year pupils have been taking part in a workshop to raise awareness about one of our project themes: Sexual Identity. The workshop has been delivered by the Spanish Romani Women Association Kamira and it has used many resources such us: word clouds, motivational videos, debates and open questions. Pupils have enjoyed this workshop and they feel it has helped them to develop more tolerant attitudes towards LGBTIQ people. Coinciding with the international stand up to bullying game, pupils have also used the Twinboard created by Italian pupils in order to interact opinion and different images and news in relation to this theme.

International Stand up to bullying Day at ICS D’Alessandro-Vocino

In order to raise awareness about this matter, the Italian students have had lessons in different subjects to deal with bullying against weaker people, just because they are different for the colour of the skin, their size or their sexual orientation. They have read the ebook “Trans cuore” that is about a mum who was born in a male body then when she grew up she decided to follow her real nature and become a woman and a mum adopting tow babies. The students have learned that “ it’s right that everyone feels himself. Being yourself is a beautiful thing because it makes you free and brave, you don’t even have to lie to others. The way of being of other people must be respected”. (Mariano Gianola)

Learning to write News Articles

On Friday, November 8  2019, two students, who participate in the Erasmus +  project” We are European, We are Equal “, attended a presentation by Mrs. Lina Valsamidou at the 8th Kindergarten of Naoussa on ” Writing a News Article “. The presentation took place in the frame of our High School collaboration with the 8th Kindergarten in writing articles for the newspaper of our little friends. Marianna and Petros, our “reporters,” will enrich the newspaper of the 8th kindergarten with articles relating to the activities of the Erasmus + project we are implementing.

National Unity Day in Italy

The day of November 4th represents the occasion to sensitize everyone on the importance of solidarity, the sense of belonging and the dedication of the women and men in uniform who watch over human rights, help refugees, intervene in situations of tension.

Today, November 4th, the “National Unity and Armed Forces Day” organized by the Municipal Administration was also celebrated in San Nicandro Garganico, and was attended by the mini-mayor with her municipal council, made up of some students of D’Alessandro-Vocino School.